We love our “Rad” products!

Happy Aloha Friday, Everyone!

Did you know we carry Rad products?  Our therapists swear by them and so do our clients.  They help you continue your massage session at home.

RAD products showcase

Therapists showing off RAD products

“RAD represents the most effective massage, mobility and recovery tools ever designed. We are masters of movement. Gurus of muscular release. Wizards of athletic recovery, daily relief and all-body alignment. Also, we are humans who just want other humans to have what they need to feel better every day.

It all started with the original RAD Roller, and now our lineup of point release and muscle-flushing tools includes options for everybody and every body. From physical vitality to mental acuity, there’s no limit to how much good we can do together.

Relief is waiting. Get in here and get yours.”