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Therapist Spotlight: Deep Tissue Majik

Therapist Spotlight: We are so honored to have Craig "Majik" Torchia join our amazing Team of Massage Therapists!  Majik comes to us by way of Lower Puna, on the Big Island.  Due to the recent and on-going lava flow there, Majik decided it was time to move and to...

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Meet Gail

  Gail has been a therapist with Maui's Best Massage for a little over a year now, and she's stepping up into a managerial position at our new Spa. She's been on Maui since 1973 and has raised her 3 children here. In addition to being a wonderful and...

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Essential Oil and Massage Benefits

Did you know we offer essential oil to go along with your massage session if you come to our Studio in Wailea, Maui? Using Essential Oils in Massage Otherwise known as aromatherapy massage, a massage using essential oils is a real treat, and has many positive effects...

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TMJ Massage for a sore jaw

Massage for a sore jaw - TMJ If you’re experiencing pain, stiffness and clicking noises in your jaw, you might be one of the 15 per cent of adults who are thought to have TMJ or temporomandibular joint problems. TMJ, which is known medically as TMD (temporomandibular...

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Massage – don’t wait until you need it!

Massage, don’t wait until you need it!  Are you the type of person who puts off getting a massage? You think that because nothing actually hurts, you don’t need to worry about it? Many people think the same way and then end up at the massage clinic feeling sorry for...

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Massage as a back pain killer (Part 2)

How massage can help beat back pain (Part 1 here) A massage session doesn’t just relax you, it can help to promote tissue repair, improve the blood circulation and does wonders for your stress levels and mood. Recent research showed that regular massage therapy...

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