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We are so happy and proud to offer outstanding Facial and Waxing services at our Spa

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Our facials give clinical results in a luxury experience. All 60 and 90-minute facials include a deep cleanse, hydrating exfoliation, extractions, lifting and toning facial massage, and relaxing neck, shoulder, and hand and arm massage. 90-minute facials also include a calf, foot, and scalp massage. An incredible mask and beautiful finishing products with advanced peptides, stem cells, botanicals, and antioxidants will leave your skin feeling fresh, hydrated, and renewed. We will customize each treatment suited to your skin type and concerns!

Zen Deep

This antioxidant blueberry rejuvenating facial will calm, hydrate and restore your skin’s defenses. This treatment will even out the complexion and enhance skins translucency and radiance while plumping fine lines and stimulating collagen leaving healthy lustrous skin.
$85 / $130

The X Factor

The pumpkin peel clarifying facial will balance and control bacteria, excess oil, and hyperpigmentation, unveiling an immediate radiant complexion. This treatment will nourish and deeply clean your skin with a powerful bright and glowing result.
$85 / $130

Zest for Life

The vitamin C featured in this treatment Brightens and lightens sun damage and even hormonal malasma while relaxing muscle contractions and plumping fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment supports collagen production and delivers powerful antioxidants leaving the skin radiant and resplendent.
$90 / $135

The Big O

Oxygenate and draw out impurities while evening out the complexion and uncovering a healthy glow. This treatment features Apple stem cells that target rough, lackluster, and mature skin. You are left feeling incredibly fresh, radiant and luminous.
$95 / $140

Carpe Diem

Let our skin care experts analyze your skin and customize a facial that will benefit your skin with ultimate results.
$85+ / $130+

Glow and Go

A Quick way to a big result. We will customize this 30 minute treatment to suit your skin care needs.

The benefits of waxing versus shaving

Waxing lasts longer than shaving because it pulls the hair from the root, it’s also better for sensitive skin as shaving can cause razor burn. You will avoid nicks and cuts and discoloration that could come from scarring from nicks and cuts. The hair grows back finer, and you avoid hair stubble. Waxing will also make your skin feel smoother longer because of the way the hair grows back. If done by an experienced technician Waxing has little Pain involved. Hair has three growth cycles so it takes about three consecutive waxing treatments to get all the hair on the same growth pattern If you are waxing for the first time. The hair must be at least a quarter of an inch for the wax to pull the hair from the root. An average person will get waxed about every 3 to 4 weeks.

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“Sam has a remarkable ability to work with your body and seemed like he was personally invested in my healing. A connection like that is invaluable. I will definitely be back and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of “the very best.”

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