Self-care During Busy Time (especially holidays)

Self-care During Busy Time (especially holidays)

We love the holiday season. It’s a time when the work we do at Maui’s Best Massage + Spa magnifies in goodness, whether as a special Christmas gift to a loved one or as a retreat from the season’s busy-ness.

It’s also a time to be especially vigilant with our health and wellness routines and continuing to make self-care a top priority. While it’s not always easy with increased demands and obligations, it’s much easier to enjoy the spirit of the season when you’re feeling good inside and out. If you are someone who falls into the trap of holiday overwhelm year after year, here are a few of our favorite tips for staying calm, healthy and happy between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day:


Sit down for 30 minutes TODAY to plan the weeks ahead, and start with you. Before you plug in holiday work and social commitments, schedule time for exercise, time for yourself, and any small regular habit that fills your cup, beach walks, morning meditations, watching the sunset.
Then see where the parties, shopping, and gift exchanges fit in. Find balance, knowing first what keeps your body and mind strong.


Be diligent about sleep. If sleep is an issue, go back to Tip #1 and schedule time for a good 7-8 hours of rest. Sleep helps your body recover from the day’s mental and physical demands, and keeps your immune system strong.


Remember who is most important to you and spend time with those people most. This can be tough for many of us when our loved ones live in faraway places, but there’s something wonderful about island life that extends the reach of our ‘ohana. ‘Family’ becomes redefined.
Choose to be around those who bring you joy, steer clear of those who deplete your energy.


Feeling overwhelmed with too much to do compromises our happiness, shrinks our problem-solving capabilities and can wreak havoc on our immune system when stress levels are high. Studies show that just the simple act of conscious breathing – stopping where you are and focusing on taking a few full deep breaths – can quickly calm your mind, reduce the sense of urgency and help you to think clearly (there are apps for your smartphones and smartwatches to remind and help you perform this exercise).


Remember Tip #1? This is an example of what to schedule in your December calendar now, starting with you. A massage wraps relaxation, time to yourself, stillness, muscle release and healthy practice into one tidy package.

GIFT TIP for MAUI RESIDENTS: Do you know or live with someone who would enjoy the healing and relaxing benefits of massage on a regular basis? Maui kama‘aina are eligible to join the Ali’i Program, Maui Massage + Spa’s membership-based program that allows reduced rates and special benefits for local clients. Start your special someone’s new year off right with a 4, 6, or 12-month Ali’i program membership this Christmas (which may be continued or canceled at any time).

From all of us at Maui’s Best Massage + Spa, we wish our Maui neighbors and visitors the happiest and healthiest of holidays.