Introducing Maui’s Best Massage – Lahaina!

We are excited to announce the opening of our 2nd location in Lahaina

Our talented team of Maui owned and locally loved massage specialists will now serve residents and visitors who live and travel to Lahaina, Maui, and the entire West side!  This is the 2nd location for one of Maui’s most trusted names in Massage.  Our brand is proud to have provided Maui massage since January 2012.

At Maui’s Best Massage – Lahaina, we do everything to stay true to our name. We believe that a good massage can do wonders for a person’s mind, body, and soul. When we started, our passion was to put people at greater ease. In this day and age, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle of life. With growing stress, the human body tends to get strained. Our massage experts have been trained in the art of massage therapy, and are fully licensed and insured in the state of Hawaii.  In fact, one of the core reasons behind Maui’s Best Massage – Lahaina is directly related to this.

Our roots: love, ambition, and expertise

We always wanted to do something for our massage customers as well as our massage therapists. Thus, the professionals at our studio are driven by an inner passion for proving themselves. They are dedicated to honing their craft which is why we have lived up to our company name. At the same time, our customers – be it locals or tourists – cater to some of the most exceptional massage services in Lahaina, like our esteemed Couples Massage, or our Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage style. Our collective experience creates fantastic sessions, whereby everybody who comes to us leaves with a smile on their face. Since day one, this has been our goal, and we work every day to ensure it stays that way!

What We Do

We are a Maui massage therapy studio that offers holistic services to its clients. In essence, Maui’s Best Massage – Lahaina was created to do all the things that other studios do, just in a special way. We firmly believe that our customers are selective, and our targeted therapies are an ode to our dedication. Everyone is unique, and therefore, everybody’s needs are diverse. Truly, our services are built upon a foundation that shows we care. Once you step into the relaxing studio, you are welcomed by our skilled massage therapists. They greet you, make sure you are comfortable, and arrange your session to be started in the best way possible.

Everybody deserves to take a break sometimes

Our massage therapy is designed by leading professionals who aim to put your needs above all else. Life can be difficult, and we all need a break sometimes. Thus, when you come to us, we have everything in place to wash all your worries away. With targeted hand strokes and pressure, our massage therapists find your body’s trigger spots, untie knots, and loosen sore muscles. All of this is achieved by trained experts who are the masters of their art. Rest assured, our extensive range of massages guarantee that you will feel like you’re on cloud 9. From luxurious Lomi Lomi massage, to effective Sports massage, to romantic Couples massage, and pain relieving Deep Tissue massage, we offer many compelling modalities and enhancements! 

Why Choose Us

Relaxation is a right, not a privilege. That’s what drives us to serve you every single day.  In fact, we believe that Touch is Necessity, not a Luxury. Unfortunately, stress relief is something many people don’t have access to. We are here to change that for the exceptional individuals of Lahaina, Kaanapali, Napili, and Kapalua, Maui!  If you’re a tourist who has suffered severe jet lag, or have enjoying all the activities Maui has to offer (like hiking or surfing or just watching the whales), or simply a working adult who’s tired of crunching at work, our massage therapies are the answer to your prayers! If you don’t find time to unwind and relax, your body starts burning out. Therefore, when you come to us, we listen to every signal your body is sending. Our specialists are skilled in the art of physical massage therapy, and that’s what makes Maui’s Best Massage Lahaina truly the best.  We care.

Let yourself immerse in holistic experiences

Sometimes, we all want to forget about our worries and treat ourselves! Maui’s Best Massage Lahaina is a firm believer in the importance of self-care.  We assure you that our services will put your body and soul at rest. Our trained massage therapists have tirelessly worked to make every customer happy. Truly, when you put yourself in their hands, you are bound to have a great time. With our professionals in your corner, you will appreciate yourself more than ever before. From, we offer experiences that you’ll want to keep coming back for.

Spa Services: Pamper Yourself!

Facial and Waxing Services

So far at Maui’s Best Massage – Lahaina, we do not yet provide Facial and Waxing services, but may perform those services in the future.  Check out our original location in Kihei for our legendary Facial and Waxing services!


However, we do have access to trained makeup professionals who can offer a customized look to fit your requirements. Whether you wish to get an utterly glam makeover or keep it simple, we will recreate your desired look effectively. We use the best products available on the market that are safe and add beautiful color to your face. From bridals to party makeovers, we do it all with absolute perfection.

Massages that make you wish time would freeze

Relaxation massage

Do you want all the stress to leave your body? Well, you’re in the right place! At Maui’s Best Massage Lahaina, we give your muscles a royal treatment. Our therapists use advanced techniques that stretch and press different areas of your body to release that pesky tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

Chronic pain can be the worst, but our deep tissue massage can help resolve its intensity. Our experts use targeted techniques that send your body into a state of rehabilitation. We untie the deepest knots within your muscular-skeletal to relieve pain, break up scar tissue and offer stress relief.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Our Hawaiian specialty massage is the best option for maximizing physical comfort.  We use authentic Hawaiian rubbing and kneading techniques and strokes that have tremendous effects on your body. This style is unique and highly effective as it immerses you in an intimately enjoyable experience.  Pair it with Hot Stones… exquisite!

Couples Massage

Maui’s Best Massage is known for its Couples Massage sessions.  Being a couple means that you face the challenges of life as a team. Naturally, this team can get tired sometimes, and that’s when they should take a break. Engaging in a stress-relieving couple massage can be a great way to rebuild your relationship and make memories. We offer private experiences to all love birds who don’t want to spend even a single second apart!

Outcall Massage 

Prefer us going to you and receive your massage in the comfort of your own living room, hotel room, or lanai?   We have you covered!  We have been doing Outcalls to resorts, homes, and rental properties since 2012.  In fact, there probably isn’t a large or medium resort on the West side that we haven’t performed massage services in.  Booking an Outcall massage entails our massage therapists going to your location.  We offer Relaxation, Deep, and Couples massage for Outcalls.  Clients who prefer this cite that they can just roll into bed after their massage session as big benefit of booking an Outcall massage session!  

Group Massage

Getting massage therapy as a group of friends, colleagues, and families is incredibly soothing. Not only do you get to enjoy the company of your favorite people, but you also relax in the meanwhile. Thus, we create calming environments where you and your mates can genuinely relax.  This is available primarily for Outcall sessions, we can only service 2 people at a time max at our Lahaina location.  We provide discounts for Group sessions, with the larger the group, the larger the discount.

Auto Collision Massage

Did you know if you are a resident of Hawaii and have received injuries due to a car collision within the last year, the State of Hawaii has money set aside in its budget for you to receive massage?  We know that recovering from an injury sustained on the road can be challenging and stressful. With our auto collision massage program, however, your body gets the treatment it deserves. Pain caused by road accidents lingers for a long time. Fortunately, our professional massages speed up the healing process so you can go back to normal once again.  You will need a doctor’s prescription and a note from your insurance adjustor, and Maui’s Best Massage Lahaina will take everything from there.


Hot Stones

One of our most popular massage enhancements!  Your trained massage therapists use stones (Pohaku in Hawaiian) to help further soothe tension areas by gliding the stones over them.  It’s an experience better felt than explained.  We offer a Full Hot stones Enhancement for the entire session, or a Mini Hot Stone enhancement for specific, targeted treatment on 1 or 2 muscles.

Deep Blue Rub

One of owner Sam’s most favorite products is Deep Blue Rub by Doterra.  It is very effective in relieving and minimizing pain from small to medium sized bruises.  It is a proprietary essential oil blend that works wonders in conjunction with a Deep Tissue massage session.

Sunburn Relief

We get it.  It’s Maui, where it’s usually sunny 90% of the time.  If you have a sunburn, we have a treatment for you!  We apply Maui Vera, a locally made and naturally sourced sunburn relief lotion, and shea butter to help you recover even more quickly and effectively from too much fun in the sun.

Alii Member Program

Cheers!  Members of our Alii Member Program now have expanded flexibility in where they can receive their massage sessions.  They now can utilize their membership in 2 places: Kihei (South Maui) and Lahaina (West Maui)!  

Lahaina Massage Location, Anchor Square

We are located in the Anchor Square Mall

Lahaina Massage Location

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