Sneaky Daily Routines That Affect Your Skin’s Appearance

Sneaky Daily Routines That Affect Your Skin’s Appearance

We get a lot of questions about reversing frustrating facial skin conditions, most commonly, how to prevent break-outs, and how to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. There is, however, good news when your esthetician becomes a partner in your wellness plan.

Most first-time facials begin with a consultation to assess your skin’s type, your concerns and address daily routines that may knock your skin’s defenses off course. Although your esthetician will know for sure, here are a few simple unconscious everyday habits that may be interfering with your skin’s health and appearance:

Skimping on Sleep

Wonderful things happen to your skin when you sleep. It’s the time of day when your body isn’t under stress or exposed to harmful elements, and the cells have a chance to regenerate. When sleep is compromised, this cellular turnover stops in its tracks which actually ages your skin.

Forgetting your Sunglasses

Living in a sunny climate as we do on Maui, we’re often reminded how important it is to use sunscreen (reef-safe of course) daily. Sunglasses are equally necessary, not only to protect our eyes from the bright sun but also to the delicate skin around our eyes. Not wearing sunglasses causes us to squint, and combined with sun exposure is a sure-fire recipe for wrinkles.

Taking Hot Showers

Whether you feel cleaner with a hot shower, or just want to relax your muscles, just know a hot shower isn’t great for your skin. Reducing the temperature of the water a few degrees prevents over-drying and preserves your skin’s natural oils, moisture barrier, and overall health.

Drinking Diet Sodas

Diet drinks with artificial sweeteners seem like a good choice for a no-calorie beverage, however, more studies link diet drinks to a host of skin issues like acne or rosacea. Artificial sweeteners may increase insulin
levels and throw off your blood sugar balance which triggers inflammation in the body (this goes for junk food as well). Is there a better no-cal option? Skip the diet drink next time and opt for iced green tea or fruit-infused water.


This one may not seem so simple, but there are so many reasons not to smoke. To avoid wreaking havoc on your skin is one of them. Need we say more?

Touching your Face

We’re all guilty – whether it’s the urge to rub your eyes, scratch your nose, or touch an annoying blemish, most people unconsciously touch their faces. This behavior is a prescription for trouble. Bacteria from anything you’ve touched (with your hands or your phone) finds its way to your skin, and if you have acne-prone skin, controlling this habit is critical.
Our estheticians at Maui’s Best Massage + Spa can help you troubleshoot your most challenging skin conditions, and find that good skincare may be as simple as adjusting a few simple habits. Call for an appointment today and let’s revive your clear-skinned youthful glow and a younger-looking, happier you.