Rocky Mountain Relaxation

I just recently returned from a trip on the mainland and took time for myself to really relax and unwind from all the stresses of starting up another business.  It was my birthday last week, and was gifted a 90 minute Relaxation massage (my favorite length of service).  Amber, my massage therapist, knew her stuff, too!  So I was very happy with my session.

I ate relatively cleanly, slept in a bunch, and even had the wherewithal to exercise pretty much every day!  Most importantly, I got to spend plenty of time with my Goddaughter, who, no doubt, is my favorite person in the world.  I even had the opportunity to go camping for the first time in a long while, and in the Rockies, to boot!

Overall, it was a wonderful break, which I needed immensely.  After the focused busy-ness of the past few months, I’m appreciative of the realization again of how important rest and massage, diet, exercise, and most especially, good company, is to one’s health.   I’m making a point to bring in much more of those activities into my life!

What do you do to relax and unwind?

See you on the table,