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You’ve worked hard and played hard on Maui, and now it’s time to enjoy a totally soothing and relaxing massage. Our skillful Maui massage therapist hands will knead, stretch, and work the tension out of your tired and sore muscles from head to toe.

Are you seeking a therapeutic way to relax? Would you like an intimate experience where you need not even leave your room? Perhaps you are on vacation and would like to add value to your trip. Have you been working too hard and need a way to loosen up? Maybe you’ve been highly stressed physically, mentally or both. Do you just want to melt your cares away?

It is important that everybody set aside time to unwind and relax. When you’ve been working hard at your career and family life, it can sometimes feel difficult to make time for yourself. However, hard work and stress often manifest in both your mind and your body, making relaxation that much more important. Sometimes even the process of seeking relaxing activities can be stressful. The planning and travel can take away from the intended stress relief. Whether enjoying a day off or on vacation, you’ll want to properly take advantage of your free time. If you are looking for a way to soothe stress throughout your body and mind, a relaxation massage is an ideal way to go.


A relaxation massage is a fantastic way to alleviate stress. We have been offering the relaxation massage since opening at Maui’s Best Massage, and it has always been amongst the most popular services offered. Because it is meant mainly for relaxation, it is a peaceful, calming option for individuals on vacation or enjoying time off. The relaxation massage is perfect for the casual massage experience and easy, gentle strokes help promote stress relief.

We offer In-Studio and Outcall massage to enhance the calming experience. Outcall massage differs from standard spas in that one of our highly qualified massage therapists comes to your house or hotel room for the massage. After something as soothing as a relaxation massage, the last thing you need to do is get back on the road. The convenience of outcall massage makes it so that you can get back in bed or back to other aspects of your day immediately rather than your car after the service.

Many choose the relaxation massage because, as its name implies, it is the most relaxing option. The pressure applied is somewhere between light and firm, making the relaxation massage a very different experience from the more involved deep tissue. While the deep tissue is meant for working out deep knots, a relaxation massage is meant to be calming and soothing to both the body and mind.


A relaxation massage is an excellent way to help you unwind. The process of outcall massage therapy is simple. After your therapist arrives, you’ll have some time to speak to him or her before the service. Your therapist will go through a quick intake form, as well as ask questions about any areas on your body you’d like him or her to focus on or to avoid. Whether due to sensitivity, soreness or even being ticklish, your therapist will avoid any areas you’d like to stay away from. You can also discuss the amount of pressure you’d like for your massage. We provide the oils, lotions and table needed for the service, allowing you to just lay back and relax.

If you are enjoying some time off with someone else, we offer a relaxing couples massage. Whether on a honeymoon, seeking a connecting experience with your partner or simply looking to make the best of a day off, a couples massage is the perfect way to loosen up and share the therapeutic experience of massage therapy together. If one of you prefers a different type of massage, such as the lomi lomi or deep tissue massage, we can easily accommodate your individual preferences.

There are two options when it comes to booking massage appointments. You can book ahead of time, setting up a massage appointment weeks in advance. You can also book at the last minute, which is a great option if you’re on vacation or find yourself needing to alleviate a little stress. Whether helping you find an appointment if you are booking the day before or a keeping your booking from a month in advance, we do whatever we can to make sure you enjoy a relaxing experience.


I feel uncomfortable indulging in luxuries like massage.

While many believe massage therapy to be a luxury, it can actually be a necessity. The process of de-stressing in a calm environment is an important part of a wholesome, healthy regiment. Making the decision to have a therapeutic massage is an important piece of optimal health, not a sign of extravagance.

I do not have time for a relaxation massage.

Excess stress can lead to all kinds of ailments, including chronic illness if left unchecked. Taking the time to care for yourself, relax and unwind is a key to living a healthy and balanced life. Furthermore, the good news is that our outcall service saves you the time of travel. We can come to your home or hotel.

I really enjoy going to a spa. I’m not sure about outcall massage.

While there are many benefits to having a spa experience, the lack of privacy and commute to and from the location can often create rather than alleviate stress. By enjoying a massage in the comforts of your home or hotel, the focus gets to be exclusively on you and you can enjoy the benefits of massage for hours after the service without having to travel. Furthermore, our flexible scheduling policies and the convenience offered by out all massage can benefit any person with a busy schedule.

You deserve some time for a relaxation massage. Give us a call at 808-426-7418 to schedule an appointment. We are happy to answer any questions about our In-Studio and Outcall massage therapy and our relaxation massage.

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