How to prepare for your first Outcall Couples massage

We can even do massages on your lanai, too!

We can even do massages on your lanai, too!

We love giving massages to locals and visitors to Maui, and especially love giving massage to people who’ve never received a massage before at the same location where they may be staying or living.  While many of our clients have already received massage in the past, a significant portion of them have never had an “Outcall” massage before.

An “outcall” massage is when the massage service providers come to your location.  They are also known as “in-room” or “mobile” massages.  A Couples massage is when two people receive a massage at the same time.  Maui’s Best Massage is proud to offer Couples Outcall Massages to resorts, condos, vacation rentals, and homes all across Maui.  After several years of doing business on the island, there are few places we haven’t been!

Here are some tips we’ve learned over the years to help make your Outcall Couples massage go as smoothly as possible!

Before your massage:
Prepare the space
Do your best to ensure there is enough room for the Massage Therapists to move comfortably around their tables.  The more comfortable the therapist is performing the massage, usually means a more comfortable massage for you!  Ideally, we’ll need about 8′ x 5′ (2.4m x 1.5m) of available space per table to perform the session.  If you’re staying in a resort or hotel room, you may need to move furniture (couches, chairs, desks, etc) to the edges of the room, or even place pieces on the lanai (balcony) so that there is adequate space for the massages.  Once your therapists arrive, they can survey the room and help move furniture, if need be.  If you have any concerns regarding available space for your massage, please contact us!

Rinse off
We often receive clients literally coming in straight off the beach.  Please take a quick shower, or at the very least, make sure to rinse off your lower legs, feet, and toes so that your massage session doesn’t turn into a sandy scrub!  Better yet, take a nice, hot shower to help warm up your muscles prior to your session (a dip in a jacuzzi or hot tub would be even better still!)

Minimize distractions
We recommend you turn off your phones or place them on “silent.”  Turn off your TV.  Close the lanai doors if Landscapers are working nearby (unfortunately, it happens every once in a while).  Or open the lanai doors if you are close to the beach and let the sound of the waves help you drop deeper into your massage.  We love animals and kids, but we’ve found that it’s best if they were in a separate room or playing outside from where the massage is taking place, if possible.  If you are staying at a resort, put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.  (Room service can knock at the most inopportune times).  If there are other people staying at your room/condo/vacation rental, let them know that you’ll be receiving a massage, and ask them to minimize their amount of walking around.

After your massage:  
Take your time getting off the table.  Give yourself a minute or so to integrate your session while the massage therapists wash their hands.  When you do get off the table, do so slowly and carefully.

Drink plenty of water, stay hydrated!

Take it easy on your body and try not to overdo things physically the rest of the day.

Hope this helps, see you on the table!