Massage as a back pain killer (Part 2)

Woman receiving a massage on her back to relieve pain

Massage is excellent for back pain relief

How massage can help beat back pain
(Part 1 here)

A massage session doesn’t just relax you, it can help to promote tissue repair, improve the blood circulation and does wonders for your stress levels and mood. Recent research showed that regular massage therapy combined with exercise helped people suffering from chronic back discomfort to feel less anxious about their condition too. The study, which took place at a  management clinic in Western New York, involved sixty chronic low back pain patients who were split into two groups. One group received regular massage therapy, twice a week for four weeks, along with their regular treatment, and one group only carried on with their prescribed treatments.

The participants all recorded their own levels before and after having massage therapy on a scale of one to ten. There was a significant difference between the pre-and post-treatment rating in the group that had regular massage, but the control group who carried on as normal reported no changes to their pain levels.

If your back hurts and you want to try something different – book that massage session now.

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