Massage, touch, and you

Babies love massage, too!

Babies love massage, too!

There have been many studies regarding the amazing benefits of skin-to-skin contact with babies. Scientists have found that this amazingly simple strategy helps with both physical and mental development; from promoting healthy weight gain, boosting mental development, thermal regulation and more! 

In fact it has been identified that our immune systems can be profoundly affected by lack of touch making these babies and children especially vulnerable to all types of disease — likely because not being nurtured is extremely stressful and high levels of stress hormones can turn off the immune system.

So what happens when you’re an adult?

Even if you’re in a relationship and sharing a bed every night, there are still thousands of people who go days without skin-to-skin contact. Like passing ships in the night – we have busy schedules that never allow us time to cuddle, hold hands or simply be near.

This is why I know our hands are powerful tools. We are lucky to be able to offer the gift of helping you lower your cortisol levels (our stress hormones) and increase dopamine and serotonin (our happy, feel-good hormones).

Sure a massage feels nice and relaxing on our bodies, but it’s the ongoing effect that really motivates me to spread the good news about massage!

When you’re less stressed, communication flows and relationships become stronger.

So sure you may think a massage is simply an hour of time to relax a little, but remember that by helping yourself you are ready to help the network of people around you – starting with your family, and they’re worth it!

You’ll notice a significant improvement in your health or life when you start getting regular massages.

See you on the table!