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Are You Seeking A Relaxing, Hawaiian Experience?

Have you been feeling the need to unwind? Are you searching for an authentic Hawaiian experience? Perhaps you are on vacation and looking to make the most of some time off. Or maybe you are seeking a relaxing experience where you don’t have to leave your house or hotel room. Are you looking for a massage that’s different from the usual styles offered? Maybe you prefer a more intimate way to loosen up. Do you just want to relax and enjoy some stress-free time?

Whether you’ve been spending too much time at work or have been busy with your family, it can be challenging to make the time to unwind. Maybe you’ve been neglecting your personal needs and the effects of stress are starting to take a toll on your wellbeing. Or perhaps you’re visiting Maui and looking for an authentic, holistic way to alleviate stress and make the most of your vacation. You also may have noticed that some relaxing activities can be more trouble than they are worth. All the time spent traveling can reduce the benefits of relaxation.

Whether visiting Maui or looking to relax locally, you’ll want to utilize your time off. Enjoying the many activities available in the area can also be quite taxing. Hiking, surfing, and watersports can lead to plenty of soreness throughout the body. Lomi Lomi massage can be the perfect way to sooth the body and mind.


Lomi Lomi massage is a popular choice for relaxation. A great combination of soothing massage therapy and Hawaiian culture, Lomi Lomi is a total therapeutic experience. It has also been a staple of Maui’s Best Massage since we began. If you’re looking for a way to relax with holistic Hawaiian tradition, you will find Lomi Lomi massage to be the ideal experience.

We provide In-Studio and Outcall massage at Maui’s Best Massage. Outcall means we come to you instead of you having to travel to a spa. This convenient alternative to the travel needed for most massages helps to make the whole experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Being able to stay in your home or hotel room during Lomi Lomi massage also helps to enhance your relaxation experience.

The unique style of Lomi Lomi massage makes it the perfect Hawaiian massage experience. An ancient tradition passed down in Hawaiian culture, Lomi Lomi massage goes beyond physical rejuvenation, soothing the emotional and mental well-being as well. Much like the relaxation massage, Lomi Lomi is geared toward unwinding. However, Lomi Lomi massage draws influence from Hawaiian tradition and emphasizes more rhythmic use of the forearms. Lomi Lomi massage is composed of gentle strokes similar to the relaxation massage but uses longer rhythmic motions. A very nurturing and holistic experience, Lomi Lomi massage exudes the feeling of “aloha”.


Lomi Lomi massage is a fantastic therapeutic experience influenced by Hawaiian culture.

The process of our outcall massage is simple. Your massage therapist comes to you. After introducing him or herself, the therapist will take you through a quick intake form. You’ll have time to discuss any areas of the body that need extra attention and/or places you’d like the massage therapist to avoid. This is also a good time to inform your massage therapist as to any soreness, injury or even being ticklish. You can then discuss how much pressure you’ll want the massage therapist to apply. While Lomi Lomi is meant to be a more relaxing massage, you can always let your therapist know if you’d like additional pressure.

You may also want somebody to join you for your massage service. Whether you are enjoying some time off with your significant other or are looking for a shared experience on your honeymoon, Lomi Lomi massage is a great way to relax together. Lomi Lomi massage can easily be included as part of the couples massage. However, your partner may prefer a different type of massage than Lomi Lomi. This is no issue, and he or she can also choose the relaxation or deep tissue massage for their couples service.

We make scheduling easy and convenient. You can either choose to book your massage far in advance or just before the time of service. Whether you want to set up an appointment the night before or hold on to one you scheduled weeks before, we do our best to make sure you can have a thoroughly relaxing experience.


Is outcall massage more expensive?

Alleviating stress is a need, not a luxury. And, massage therapy is an investment in yourself that can help. You deserve to relax your mind and body. Doing so can not only help you feel better, but it can also create a ripple of positive effects into other aspects of your life. While outcall massage can be a bit more expensive than a spa, you will save money in terms of travel.

I feel uncomfortable having strangers in my house.

We pride ourselves on trustworthiness at Maui’s Best Massage. All our massage therapists are fully licensed and insured, and we only have friendly, knowledgeable professionals on our team. Our number one priority is for you to relax and enjoy the massage experience.

I do not want anyone to judge my house.

The focus here is the massage. We are professionals at Maui’s Best Massage and expect nothing more than an area to do the massage in. The entire reason for a massage is to relax; there’s no need to stress about preparing your home.

It’s important to make time for yourself to relax. Give us a call at 808-426-7418 to set up an appointment. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about outcall massage therapy or Lomi Lomi massage.

What our clients say…

“Awesome experience! Everyone there is very professional & aloha! Really great massage at a great price!!” – Trish, Google

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