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Taking care of your body in the work place

As the workforce has shifted from factories to offices, the incidence of back pain has increased dramatically. Researchers blame this increase on one simple activity that we do all the time – sitting. Our bodies were not designed to sit for long periods of time. We...

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Happy 4th from Maui’s Best Massage!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Stay safe today 🙂 #4thofJuly #happybirthdayamerica #hawaii #maui #blessingstoall #staysafe #dontblowyourselfup #havefun #safetyfirst #aloha #mauisbestmassage A photo posted by Maui's Best Massage (@mauisbestmassage) on Jul 4, 2016 at...

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Dealing with Discs (part 3)

Back Exercises Here are several extension exercises you can do to recover from low back pain, specifically acute episodes of backpain - when your back “goes out.” They put the vertebrae in a position that pushes the soft center of the disc forward so it stops pushing...

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Dealing with Discs (part 2)

Prevention is Best Ideally, you want to stop back pain from developing by taking some simple steps to reduce strain to your back. Many chairs don’t offer sufficient support for your lower back. Even well designed chairs can be used improperly. For example, most people...

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Dealing with Discs (part 1)

Dealing with discs (Part 1) Your back consists of stacked bones called vertebrae. There are discs between the vertebrae that act as shock absorbers and that allow the spine to bend. Each disc consists of a soft semi-fluid center (the nucleus) that is surrounded and...

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5 (+ 1) Ways to Reset after your Maui Vacation

I originally found this here.  Really straight-forward, good advice.  Because I am biased, however, I would like to throw in #6 as get a massage on Maui! See you on the table! Sam ****** How do you recover from a Hawaii (Maui) vacation? Our top five suggestions follow...

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Massage Therapy — Good for What Ails You

Ask the average person what they think of when you say massage therapy and they most likely will mention getting sore or tight muscles rubbed, getting relaxed or reducing tension. These are probably the main reasons most people seek out massage treatments. This...

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Massage, touch, and you

There have been many studies regarding the amazing benefits of skin-to-skin contact with babies. Scientists have found that this amazingly simple strategy helps with both physical and mental development; from promoting healthy weight gain, boosting mental development,...

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Maui’s Best Massage – People Love Us on Yelp!

I just received this notification from Yelp yesterday.  So incredibly stoked!  Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo to those of you who wrote in and reviewed us.  Help spread the word about Maui's Best Massage!  As a locally-owned small business, we need all the exposure we can get...

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